Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Celia's Salon (Before)

One of the projects that I have the privilege to work on while I am here is a hair and nail salon for a woman from church, named Celia. She has been working at her current location for 3 ½ years. Currently there is poor organization and a color scheme of grey and white with black furnishings that adds up to a space that is lacking inspiration! My task is to re-design this space without major damage to the infrastructure since it is rented. Upon interviewing Celia I have found that she would love to have a space which serves the clientele, women. A space that celebrates a more feminine, romantic approach to life. Also, I am trying to implement a design which will function well for the tasks at hand (no pun intended). Yet, another consideration is fact that the underlying theme of the time Carol and I have spent in Itu has been trying to renew the old, recycle the used, and move toward an approach of more environmentally responsible way of living. Therefore with all of this in mind, I am posting pictures of Celia’s current situation and will reveal the final design after our “While you were out” service project weekend with the youth group on Ocober 11-13.

Also, we have been here for about 3 months and really have about 2 months, busy months, to go. October holds a variety of activities: Celia’s Salon, Art shows and display by Rolando Diaz, and Trick or Treat for Cans. November: Women’s missionary conference, Amy Leber is visiting me for Thanksgiving, and whatever else God brings my way. December: wrapping up and we leave December 9.

Thanks for your continued prayers and in case you ever want to know more, email me at, or Skype me (name: amanda.gene.scott) !

Love and God’s Blessings, Amanda Scott

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Really Cool Things

The interesting life of a blog includes the fact that any entry seems like it is going on the runway at a fashion show. It feels naked if it doesn’t have all the right pictures or the latest most up to date information, but I thought about all the blog posts that don’t make the “style” cut and realized that if I put them all together, someone find this information more interesting than all the pictures I could ever post!

AS OF TODAY, I just got back from my visa trip to Uruguay. A tourist visa has to be renewed every 90 days, so Carol and I took advantage of doing that before life here gets even crazier. I will save more about this trip for it’s own blog entry.

Every Thursday night Mark and Ali host the youth group at their house for a Bible Study that is on a rotating basis. The structure is in a 4-week set of “Scripture”, “Media Activity”, “Scripture”, and “Service Activity.” Lately we have been talking about slogans for your life. Using various scriptures from the book of Matthew, the youth breaks up into groups, summarizes the scripture, and then writes their “slogan” for the week on the garage wall. The last media activity was the movie “Pay it Forward” which has the concept of doing a big gesture for another person and simply paying it back by doing something big for someone else. The service project was a collection of used clothing that will benefit some other ministry projects including the Sito Shalom (see below), and the Lar (orphanage), and also as a way to promote a culture of re-use and recycling. We are planning on attending a soccer game at the end of the month and our next service activity involves a design project for a nail salon that I am working on. Overall, I adore the youth group. They are a lot of fun and bare with my lack of Portuguese. Carol and I even joined two of the youth (Kelly and Isaias) at and elderly home where they volunteer their time twice a week. Mark and Ali call the youth group, “The Kaiseres (their last name)”, but I like to refer to them as the Kaiserettes!

The Sito Shalom is a drug and alcohol rehab facility that was just started about 3 or 4 months ago in a nearby town called Indaiatuba. The facility was started by another church in the area and Mark and Ali were recently introduced to it by a young man that came up to them one day seeking their help. They were able to get this man help at the facility and in turn it has opened up a place with vast opportunities for service projects. A few weeks ago we took the youth group there and helped with gardening for a Saturday afternoon. The young man, Odair, it turn out love AutoCAD and has worked with it for seven years. So, me and my computer might be making our way out to the Sito Shalom and seeing if we can help this man get back on his feet and actually have a future. The ministry there is very similar to a facility Carol and I worked at last summer in Porto Alegre for a week.

That is actually the word for gym here in Brazil. I have been attending a local gym for the past month with Guto and Ivan, two of my friends from church. Sadly, Ivan will no longer be able to join, but Guto and I are trying to keep each other accountable. I have lost a few pounds, but have quite a ways to go. I am gaining more muscle and can definitely tell a difference in being able to get around this city by foot and bike a little easier. Guto and I usually use the time to talk about the church and God and what we think he is calling us to do so it is rather productive on many levels.

Carol has three or four Spanish students. I have one English student. David and I will meet for our third class tomorrow. It has been a little unstructured, but I hope we will soon iron out the best way for him to learn better and for me to teach better.

Carol and I are still taking 3 classes per week with Alini. While I was in Porto Alegre I actually spoke in a little Portuguese in front of a group at the Chacara and at House Church. So, I understand more and can say more, but it is still tedious and much studying ahead is needed.

That is a lot of random for now; I will add more as it comes. I hope you enjoyed it!

Love ya and God’s Blessings, Amanda

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Updated Address Info

Here is my updated address info:

Amanda Scott
Bairro Vila Nova
Rua Capitão Fleming, n. 135, APT 408
Centro Itu/SP
CEP: 13.309.010

For your information:
Regular mail takes 14 days and packages take 25 days

Any and all mail is greatly appreciated.