Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Celia's Salon (Before)

One of the projects that I have the privilege to work on while I am here is a hair and nail salon for a woman from church, named Celia. She has been working at her current location for 3 ½ years. Currently there is poor organization and a color scheme of grey and white with black furnishings that adds up to a space that is lacking inspiration! My task is to re-design this space without major damage to the infrastructure since it is rented. Upon interviewing Celia I have found that she would love to have a space which serves the clientele, women. A space that celebrates a more feminine, romantic approach to life. Also, I am trying to implement a design which will function well for the tasks at hand (no pun intended). Yet, another consideration is fact that the underlying theme of the time Carol and I have spent in Itu has been trying to renew the old, recycle the used, and move toward an approach of more environmentally responsible way of living. Therefore with all of this in mind, I am posting pictures of Celia’s current situation and will reveal the final design after our “While you were out” service project weekend with the youth group on Ocober 11-13.

Also, we have been here for about 3 months and really have about 2 months, busy months, to go. October holds a variety of activities: Celia’s Salon, Art shows and display by Rolando Diaz, and Trick or Treat for Cans. November: Women’s missionary conference, Amy Leber is visiting me for Thanksgiving, and whatever else God brings my way. December: wrapping up and we leave December 9.

Thanks for your continued prayers and in case you ever want to know more, email me at, or Skype me (name: amanda.gene.scott) !

Love and God’s Blessings, Amanda Scott

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