Friday, December 5, 2008

Amy Came to Visit (Thanksgiving)

This year was Amy and mines 6th Thanksgiving togehter. I use to pray that God would send me someone to take home for the holidays, thinking that that would surely result in a boyfriend if at least not a date! Well, God gave me Amy. Ironically I have had a boyfriend for two Thanksgivings and I still have spent Thanksgiving with Amy instead. However, this year was much different because we celebrated together here in Brazil. Amy got here on Saturday November 22 and left a week later on the 29th. We tried to pack as much as we could in 7 days.

Saturday = our version of Thanksgiving here in Itu since Brazil doesn't have Thanksgiving

Sunday = I took Amy on the walk to Church, basketball with the Youth group, and off to Rio via bus

Monday = stayed at a Hostile in Rio and sadly strolled down the beach in with clouds looming and rain coming, and we went to a ginormous mall with a small Statue of Liberty

Tuesday= We met Jesus in the clouds at the Cristo Redentor Statue and spent some time with Adrienne de Almeida (a missionary in Rio) and her husband Rodrigo, we had a tire blowout on a 1963 Fusca on the way to the bus station

Wednesday = We got to the São Paulo bus station at 5:30 A.M. and eventually went to the Cathedral de Sé and the Mercado Municipal where I had a ginormous bologna sandwich

Thursday = We had Portuguese Class, we visited Celia's salon, walked around downtown and all the "BIG" things in Itu, had Acai, and joined the youth group

Friday = We had Yuppie Lunch, went to the Chocolate Farm, had Acai again, and then went to Cafundo and heard a guy that actually covered English songs well

Saturday = We went to the Hippie Fair in Campinas via bus, returned late, and graciously Vitinho took us to the airprort!

Overall we had a great visit! I am so glad Amy got to come visit and see all the things I get to see here!

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...traci : ) said...

Isn't it fun acting as tour guide for friends when they come visit? That was one of my favorite things in Chile! : )